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  • Travel with Tofurky

    Hood River, Oregon, September 2010— It began when one loyal customer sent the company a photo after Thanksgiving featuring his newborn child and a Tofurky® box. “A lot can change in one year,” he wrote....
  • Magic Wad

    Leipzig, Germany, September 2010 — Let’s say you have in your hand one single glass of water polluted with 50 milliliters of oil residue: You add three grams of Deurex Pure “Magic Wad,” wait for four minutes and, as if by an invisi...
  • Harris Tea Goes Solar

    Anaheim, California, September 2010 — Harris Tea Co., a leading packer of tea and beverages, began operating its first solar power system August 31st. The array was installed on the Company’s two buildings in Anaheim, and will generate 450,000...
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