Putting Soy Back in the Spotlight
Friday, 23 January 2015 16:48
Back when those running the show realized that obesity in general and childhood obesity in particular had reached epidemic proportions, the advent of soy foods and soy-enhanced foods became all the rage—as they should have.

Then things cooled off a little. First, soy manufactured for human consumption consumes a tiny sliver of the soy production pie in this country. And farmer/growers shifted their focus to biodiesel, which has still to make a significant mark.

Then inaccurate and negative publicity hit the streets regarding soy, and except for the diehards and staples like tofu, the romance with soyfoods faded. The obesity epidemic, however, remains with us and is worse than ever. 
‘Shrooms Anyone?
Friday, 23 January 2015 16:40
San Diego, California, January 2015—Have you ever stopped to compare mushrooms to kale, quinoa, or berries? Mushrooms have remained “under the radar” in the Western world, while Asian cultures have for years revered their many health benefits. San Diego-based Mushroom Matrix has launched a pioneering line of medicinal mushroom powders designed to promote health, wellness, and longevity.

For thousands of years in Eastern cultures, mushrooms have been recognized for their ability to optimize immune health. They can play an important role in a vast array of health conditions. Mushroom Matrix founder and CEO Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph.D., was introduced to mycologist (person who studies fungi) Steve Farrar when she began to research mushroom activity and wanted to increase awareness in Western cultures.
Sweet ‘n Salty
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 21:14
Chicago, Illinois, December 2014 – G.H. Cretors—best known for their Chicago Mix, the diabolically addicting combination of caramel corn and cheese corn in the same bag—has introduced a new certified organic line of popcorn, which includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Simply Salted varieties.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavor is the first ever popcorn to be wet-popped in EVOO, and the Simply Salted is seasoned with sea salt for a clean, classic treat.

Every ingredient in each G.H. Cretors bag is engineered for obsessive devotion by using simple, high-quality ingredients, completely free of GMO’s, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The new organic line uses only organic non-GMO popcorn, 100% organic oils, and pure sea salt, which means each kernel (or handful) you put in your mouth will be a nice experience.
The Wright Stuff
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:51
Newport, Oregon, December 2014—This beautiful small city on the Pacific Coast of Oregon is the home of Rogue Ales—a growing brewery that sells its product in every state in the Union and dozens of foreign countries. They not only grow a lot of their own ingredients, they’re helping keep alive the history of this “last frontier” state, by paying respect to its growing techniques and practices—some of which have now been replaced by machines.

Earlier this fall, they had a special VIP visitor stop by at Rogue Farms, their central growing area, during the hop harvest. Her name is Shirley Wright. She’s 89 years old and sharp as a tack.

Shirley and her family were among the tens of thousands of Oregonians who came to the area around Independence, Oregon during the 1930’s for the annual hop harvest.
Who’s the Greenest of Them All?
Sunday, 23 November 2014 18:52
Everywhere, USA, November 2014—Our friends at Earth Talk recently replied to a question about Sweden being the greenest country in the world and, if so, by what standards? Learn, too, where the U.S. ranks in this response:

It’s true that Sweden came out on top in the recently released ranking of 60 countries according to sustainability by consulting firm Dual Citizen Inc. in its fourth annual Global Green Economy Index (GGEI). Norway, Costa Rica, Germany, and Denmark rounded out the top five. The rankings take into account a wide range of economic indicators and datasets. It all relates to leadership on climate change, encouragement of efficiency sectors, market facilitation and investing in green technology and sustainability, and management of ecosystems and natural capital.

Sweden’s first place finish reflects the Swedes’ ongoing commitment to climate change mitigation and sustainability policies and practices. The country is a leader in organic agriculture and renewable energy as well as per capita investment in green technology and sustainability research. Upwards of 75 percent of Swedes recycle their waste, while only four percent of the country’s garbage goes to landfills. In fact, Sweden imports garbage from other nations to burn as a renewable source of energy.
15 Months Later …
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 21:23
Everywhere, USA, December 2014—Back in September 2013, your editors took a step to further maximize our health as we age. A client introduced us to a new product, but it was because of research we had done about three years previous that convinced us to give it a try.

At the center of this story is a stunted little plant/tree called the Moringa. It grows primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and has been around since Biblical times. We had written an article about it in 2008, and found while doing our research, that this plant had been dubbed as “the single most nutritious botanical in the known world” by one of the honchos at the National Institutes of Health (NIH.)

But there was a problem with getting people in the more developed parts of the world interested. No one had figured up to that time of how to take the powder-like substance that comes from grinding up the leaves and bark of this tree and making palatable, through formulation, for western tastes. A few years back, they managed to do it. 
Let the Sun Shine In
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 21:05
Everywhere (Literally) December 2014—Rooftop solar panels have always been the province of the well-to-do, eco-friendly folks willing to shell out extra bucks to be green.

But that is all starting to change.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the cost of putting solar panels on a typical American house has fallen by some 70 percent over the 15 years. And a recent report from Deutsche Bank shows that solar has already achieved so-called “price parity” with fossil fuel-based grid power in 10 U.S. states. Deutsche Bank goes on to say that solar electricity is on track to be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in all but three states by 2016—assuming, that is, that the federal government maintains the 30 percent solar investment tax credit it currently offers homeowners on installation and equipment costs.
What’s a Paraben? (And Should we Fear Them?)
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 20:40
Everywhere USA, December 2014—First commercialized in the ‘50s, parabens are a group of synthetic compounds commonly used as preservatives in a wide range of health, beauty and personal care products. If the product you are using contains methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl and/or isobutylparaben, it has parabens.

These ingredients are added to deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and makeups, among other products, to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria and other potentially damaging microbes. Researchers have also found that some 90 percent of typical grocery items contain measurable amounts of parabens, which is why even those who steer clear of potentially harmful personal care products also carry parabens around in their bloodstreams.

What worries public health advocates is that while individual products may contain limited amounts of parabens within safe limits set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), cumulative exposure to them over a range of several different products could be overloading our bodies and contributing to a wide range of health problems. 
Ultimate Comfort Food
Sunday, 23 November 2014 18:46
Everywhere, USA, November 2014—(With most of the country in a cold chill right now, just reading about these new soups made us feel warm all over. Hope it affects you the same way. Ed.)

Baby, it’s cold outside! There’s a polar vortex (or something similar) bearing down on much of the United States. Everyone is bundled up and rushing home at the end of the day. And everyone needs a quick, warm and healthy dinner solution. Enter Boulder Organic! Soups (formerly Boulder Soup Works). Boulder Organic! Soups.
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