Words to Live By (Literally)
Monday, 16 March 2015 18:49
Everywhere, March 2015—We don’t always do this, but last week we received a blanket e-mail purportedly written by a woman from Cleveland, Ohio, a long-time newspaper columnist for that city’s Plain Dealer. Judy claims to be 90 years old. “To celebrate growing older,” she said, “I once wrote several lessons that life taught me. It is the most requested column I’ve ever written.”

We don’t have space for all 42 of her lessons, but here are a few we thought you’d enjoy. (Even if this is another social networking ruse, these musings are still nice to contemplate…)
Get Up and Grow
Monday, 16 March 2015 18:34
Westlake Village, California, March 2015--Dole is using its position as one of the world’s largest providers of fresh fruits and vegetables to make the planet a happier, healthier place in 2015. 

Determined to show that a produce-based lifestyle has far-reaching and delicious benefits, the California-based health and nutrition leader has brought together all areas of the company to directly challenge North Americans to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet--and is even offering various rewards for doing so.

The company’s “Get Up and Grow!” launched recently as a healthy-lifestyle initiative that goes beyond past Dole education campaigns to give consumers more than a dozen tangible ways to improve their nutritional well-being. Representing a rare joint effort between Dole Fresh Fruit of Westlake Village Dole Fresh Vegetables of Monterey, California, and the Kannapolis, North Carolina-based Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI), the multi-platform program seeks to impact consumer behavior in the home, at the store, on the road and all points in-between.
Keeping Everybody Together. Everybody.
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:19
Phoenix, Arizona, February 2015—A national program that helps temporarily homeless families keep all the members of their family together – including their four-legged family members – is expanding into 16 PetSmart PetsHotel locations nationwide.

PetSmart Promise, the result of a collaboration between PetSmart and Family Promise, will work with two dozen PetsHotel locations across the nation to provide complimentary pet boarding space to pet parents participating in a local Family Promise program. These 16 additional locations will join the six that kicked off the program in December 2013. The facilities will provide pets in transition a safe, comforting place to call home, while their families get back on the road to independent housing.
Frequent Flyer Fat
Thursday, 19 February 2015 19:10
Dallas, Texas, February 2015—Omni Hotels & Resorts recently conducted a travel wellness survey of business and leisure travelers nationwide, determining that, when it comes to dining and drinking habits, travelers’ waistbands often expand along with their frequent flyer miles.

According to the results, an overwhelming number of respondents (seven in 10) indicate they routinely gain weight while traveling, despite extra efforts to maintain healthy dietary habits on the road. More than one-third (36%) of business travelers pack snacks from home in an attempt to eat nutritiously while traveling, and almost two-thirds (62%) of travelers also drink more water during their trips. However, these efforts may be offset by other less-diligent routines. For example, 52% of all travelers (52%) admitted to drinking more frequently while traveling. Here are some of the details:

Packing More Than Luggage: Despite more than four in 10 (44%) of all travelers claiming to have the same eating practices while away as at home, 70% of people traveling are packing on the pounds. People traveling for business are the most likely to overeat (38%).
Grumpy Cat Still in Lead
Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:56
St. Louis, Missouri, February 2015—Recently, Friskies®, the cat food people, released their latest Friskies 50 standings, the definitive guide to the 50 most influential cats on the Internet.

With new feline phenoms popping up online every day, the Friskies 50 allows cat lovers to easily follow the status of their favorite furry friends. In the latest list, Grumpy Cat maintains her position at the top of the rankings, but Maru—who catapulted from #14 in the original standings—is closing in on Grumpy Cat and holding steady in the #2 position. Will they be able to hold their reign in the coming months? We shall see.
What Lurks Behind That Door?
Monday, 16 March 2015 18:23
Everywhere USA, March 2015--Here’s another tip to help celebrate Nutrition Month. It comes from the Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind. She has pinpointed a big reason you may be having trouble eating right and maintaining optimum health and weight.

The secret may be in your pantry! Getting rid of the bad stuff and stocking your cupboard with healthy options can help you stay on the path to success.

Here are her Top 7 Pantry Staples for Quick and Healthy Cooking. She tells us that armed with these essentials, it will be easy to stick to your goals. 

And with these simple ingredients, anyone can whip up healthy and delicious meals on the fly! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Skinny Cow
Thursday, 19 February 2015 19:21
Oakland, California, February 2015—After 21 years of making impossibly indulgent treats, the Skinny Cow® brand is launching nine new products this year: Three Creamy Iced Coffee Drinks, two Blissful Truffle Candy Bars, three Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars and one Ice Cream Candy Bar flavor are joining the family of indulgent yet sensible treats. They are:

SKINNY COW CREAMY ICED COFFEE DRINKS: A blend of roasted coffee whipped with milk, the new beverages offer flavor at 120 calories per bottle. The Iced Coffee Drinks come in three flavors — Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte and Creamy Cappuccino — and are now being sold in four-packs and individual bottles in beverage aisles nationwide.
Fish Consumption 101
Thursday, 19 February 2015 19:03
Everywhere, February 2015—Generally speaking, eating fish 2-3 times a week is a healthy move. But there are certain guidelines that are good to know and follow knowing when to avoid fish adversely affected by pollution.

Between mercury poisoning, overfishing and the environmental impacts of fish farms or “aquaculture,” some might expect to see a “Proceed with Caution” sign above seafood counters soon. Others contend that fish and shellfish are an important part of a healthy diet, providing high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends eating up to 12 ounces of fish and shellfish per week, but only if they are “low in mercury.
Keeping Track
Friday, 23 January 2015 17:51
Las Vegas, Nevada, January 2015—Withings, a leader in the connected health revolution, revealed at the recent Consumer Electronics Show the new face of activity tracking. The company announced Activité Pop, an analog watch with a sophisticated activity and sleep tracker inside. Following on the heels of the Withings Activité watch, Activité Pop is making waves in the space of wearable health trackers. It’s making the convergence of fashion and mobile technology accessible to everyone.

The company has paired Activité’s elegant Parisian design with fun-to-wear materials and pop colors in order to create a very personal device that people will hopefully want to wear and never take off.

Activité Pop adds to a new category of motion trackers where sophisticated sensors and connectivity technology are seamlessly integrated into a timeless fashion accessory. It features a lightweight and fun-to-wear design that extends across the watchcase and smooth silicone strap. In order to match and express personal style, the watch comes in 3 distinctive “pop chic” colors and a set of soon-to-come playful wristbands.
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