President Obama and the Great Outdoors
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 21:17
Everywhere, USA, January 2014—In 2010, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum establishing the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. Its purpose is to promote and support community-level efforts to conserve outdoor spaces and reconnect Americans to the outdoors.

Together, the Departments of Interior and Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality provide collaborative leadership. Eight other federal agencies and thousands of partners from state, local and tribal governments, non-profits and the private sector play supporting roles. Getting young people, especially city kids, into the outdoors to experience our country’s unique natural heritage is a top priority.

Before pursuing any specific strategies, leaders solicited feedback from everyday Americans about what mattered most regarding conservation and access to the outdoors. Some 105,000 written and verbal comments streamed in from “listening sessions” held coast to coast and were crucial to the development of programs. Public feedback continues to shape the initiative’s agenda.
Ocean Sprawl
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 20:58
Coastal USA, January 2014—We are all familiar by now with “urban sprawl”—the uncontrolled spread of urban development into areas beyond the city. But environmentalists warn that the next frontier in sprawl is on the high seas, where the proliferation of fishing, shipping, tourism, resource extraction, energy development, military exercises and other human activity has begun to call into question just how vast our oceans really are.

According to the non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), our oceans are already under siege from problems like pollution, overfishing and acidification. Add to this the increased industrial activity off-shore—which leads to so-called “ocean sprawl”. These factors will jeopardize the food, jobs and recreation we have come to depend on the oceans to provide. It’s hard to believe, but true: With all the planning that goes into various types of development and human activity on land that our oceans are still considered like the Wild West once was: Different entities staking claims on huge stretches of territory for their own purposes.
Making the Holidays Truly Green
Friday, 20 December 2013 22:21
Everywhere, USA, December 2013—While the holidays are festive and fun, they can take a toll on the environment. All that shopping, decorating, food preparation and travel add up to more carbon emissions and more waste.

But there are ways to minimize our impact and still celebrate the season in grand style.

For starters, buy fewer gifts. Homemade, personal gifts are always appreciated as much or more than something store-bought. Paint a painting, bake a cake, or make a playlist of favorite songs. EarthEasy.com recommends giving services instead of goods to cut down on the materialism of the holidays. “A great gift could be an hour's massage at a local spa, or music lessons for a budding musician.” Other service gift ideas include childcare or tutoring, dog walking, cooking, window-washing, auto maintenance or computer lessons. More ways to cut down on the amount of stuff passing under your tree: declare a re-gifting season, or have a Secret Santa exchange among adults.
Lighting the Way to Better Health
Friday, 20 December 2013 22:01
Satellite Beach, Florida, December 2013—Lighting Science Group Corporation is a global leader in lighting solutions that are environmentally-friendlier and more energy-efficient than traditional lighting products.

The company recently launched the Good Night™ LED light and the Awake & Alert™ LED light, the first biologically-corrected lighting solutions offered directly to consumers. This revolutionary line of LED bulbs is based on patented technology developed for NASA, the International Space Station and the U.S. South Pole Station. The bulbs fit into conventional sockets and provide a bright white light, but with the added health benefits of better sleep and greater alertness.
Putting Zija In Your Life
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 20:37
As we said earlier, we don’t normally endorse products. But this one is different: Entirely different.

In a nutshell, would you consider taking a new health product that…
  • Was derived naturally and directly from the source? 
  • Was mentioned by the National Institutes of Health to be the most “nutritious botanical” they had ever studied?
  • Is already recognized as the most dense, natural botanical in the world?
  • Contains natural proteins, minerals, amino acids, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and anthocyanins far beyond that of most food-based plants?
Putting Zija in Your Life, Part III
Friday, 20 December 2013 22:28
When you reach a certain age, travel that takes you out of your environment from a few days to a few weeks can cause problems—even if you’re in pretty good shape.

Those changes can be subtle, but creep up on you nonetheless. After reaching your destination, the weather may be wetter or drier—or you may find yourself way out of your time zone, and three or more hours can make a very real dent in your get-along.

At least temporarily.

You may be visiting friends or family, which can mean you’ll be eating and drinking a little more than you usually do. Keep it up and your body’s going to tell you sooner or later to stop.
Cookie Monsters’ Delight
Friday, 20 December 2013 22:12
Gardena, CA, December 2013—When butter, sugar, flour, and eggs converge, magic happens. Add a splash of vanilla, a dusting of cinnamon, or morsels of semisweet chocolate, and things get even better. Now, imagine all that goodness condensed into a svelte, crispy coin of a cookie.

Cookie Chips marry the satisfying crunch of a chip with the irresistible flavor and aroma of a classic cookie. Made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, this snack-dessert hybrid brings homemade quality to supermarket shelves. We’re talking milled cane sugar, hormone-free butter, cage-free eggs, and pure Bourbon vanilla, for starters. But just as important is what’s left out of the recipe. Cookie Chips never contain trans-fats, artificial flavors or colors, preservatives or GMOs.
Health and Financial: ‘Well Beings’ that Go Together
Friday, 20 December 2013 21:52
Nashville, Tennessee, December 2013— The Lampo Group, Inc. and Healthways are combining their respective CORE™ Financial Wellness program and Well-Being Improvement Solution.

Lampo is headed by Dave Ramsey, a respected voice regarding money and business. The plan is for Healthways to bring Ramsey’s proven financial behavior change model to millions of Americans through their employers, health plans, health systems, communities and families. It is hoped this move will positively influence one of the single most important — and often overlooked — determinants of overall health, cost and productivity.
Shoo Fly Dyes
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 20:25
New York, NY, November 2013—Kraft says it plans to remove artificial dyes from selected products as people increasingly reach for foods they feel are natural. Three macaroni and cheese varieties in kid-friendly shapes are at the top of the list for change. The company said it plans to replace artificial dyes with spices such as paprika for coloring. The change doesn't affect Kraft's plain elbow-shaped macaroni and cheese with "original flavor."

The packaged-food company denies the change was driven by a petition on Change.org calling for the removal of artificial dyes from its flagship mac-n-cheese kits. That petition, which was posted in March, had more than 348,000 signatures on Thursday.
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