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Thursday, 07 June 2012 18:31
San Diego, California, June 2012—A busy lifestyle is no longer an excuse for unhealthy habits. You may not have time to spend an hour everyday at the gym, but there’s still plenty of time for healthy eating when you’re out and about.

More and more options for on-the-go health food and drinks are popping up everyday. One such option is green tea, which To Go Brands, Inc. now offers in portable packets to mix with bottled water.

Green tea has been recognized for its health benefits for nearly 5,000 years. In Eastern civilizations, green tea was used as a source of medicine for numerous benefits related to the digestive system, heart disease prevention, inhibiting tooth cavities, alleviating bad breath, direct application to the skin to lessen incidence of skin cancer, burning fat, and, as they always say, much more!  

In Western civilizations, there has been more than a decade's worth of research about the health benefits of green tea. "With scientific evidence for the health benefits of green tea mounting," says Mindy Paris, VP of Sales & Marketing at To Go Brands, "we wanted to fill a need for consumers to get the amazing health benefits of green tea, but in a new and refreshing way."

Green Tea Energy Fusion®, the newest addition to the Healthy To Go® line of healthy products, comes in small packets you simply mix into bottled water. The convenient packets offer the benefits of not only green tea, but also antioxidant-rich teas and extracts from around the globe.

These worldly ingredients include organic Japanese Green Tea, Yerba Maté, organic Guaraná Seed Extract and organic Aloe Vera. Yerba Maté, used to treat mental and physical fatigue, and Guaraná Seed Extract, a naturally energizing compound, have both been traditionally used in South America. Aloe Vera has been shown in some scientific studies to help the liver convert fats into energy. Each Green Tea Every Fusion® packet also contains 100mg of the potent green tea catechin, EGCG, which maximizes metabolism support* and increases fat burning* while providing powerful, rejuvenating antioxidants.

Don’t settle for the vending machine options next time you need a drink on the go. Soda is a sugary trap and water is, well, water. Green Tea offers a healthy compromise that is wonderful served hot or cold.

*For more information, visit www.togobrands.com/greentea

SOURCE: To Go Brands 
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