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All About Choffy
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Thursday, 26 April 2012 19:04
Vancouver, Washington, April, 2012 — Choffy is brewed chocolate. It’s 100% premium cacão (cocoa) beans, and the makers tell us that it’s roasted and ground for a rich, full flavored drink that delights your senses while nourishing your body.

Richer and more robust than hot chocolate, it brews just like coffee. But unlike coffee, it supplies you with long-lasting energy without the crash or other negative effects of caffeine.

Not only does Choffy taste good, it’s really good for you. It contains no sugar, gluten, dairy, or chemicals; in fact, all it contains is premium 
cacão and the naturally occurring, good-for-you properties of the cocoa bean. A brewed 8 oz. cup of Choffy has a very high ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) rating. www.drinkchoffy.com
What that means is that there are more antioxidants in an 8 oz. cup of Choffy than in a serving of blueberries. Choffy's antioxidants act as super-detoxifiers, helping your body rid itself of the toxins that tax your system, keeping you younger, longer.

How’s that for stamping out free radicals?

Healthy Energy: Choffy contains a gentle, yet long-lasting natural stimulant called Theobromine. This healthy refreshment gives you an energy lift by dilating the cardiovascular system, making the heart’s job easier, while delivering energy without a crash or other negative effects of caffeine. The Theobromine in Choffy is a vasodilator, helping to improve your blood circulation and even reduce blood pressure while protecting against vascular disease.

Feel Good: 
cacão contains the bliss chemicals phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide. PEA is an adrenal-related chemical that helps us feel focused and alert. Anandamide is the chemical present in our brain when we feel great. It causes changes in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, leading to feelings of excitement and alertness. Anandamide works to increase mood and decrease depression, but it is not addictive like caffeine.

Choffy can help you feel good, focused, alert and elated. Some people say it’s a little like falling in love.

Circulation: The Theobromine in 
cacão is a myocardial stimulant as well as a vasodilator. It increases heartbeat, yet it also dilates blood vessels, causing a reduced blood pressure and greater blood circulation. Additionally the abundance of Flavanols in cocoa activate Nitric Oxide in the blood helping to prevent vascular disease. It’s great to use before and after exercise!

Weight Management: Recent studies indicate that the polyphenols in 
cacão can have a positive effect on the activity of enzymes associated with the digestion of fat and carbohydrates. More directly, there are only 20 calories in an 8 oz cup of Choffy, 3 carbs and 0 fat. Many of our customers talk about Choffy curbing their "craving for sweets" and thereby helping them reduce the amount of calories they consume.

Please note that chocolate and cacão are different terms and are not interchangeable.

For more, check out www.drinkchoffy.com

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