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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 19:12
Los Angeles, California, March 2017--VeganSmart, a premium line of plant-based nutritional protein shakes, has added another “Bad Ass” to its list of wellness influencers; Superstar Surf Pro, Tia Blanco. She’s teamed up with the brand to unveil her own signature series called Peaches & Cream. The new flavor will give customers a new sweet and fresh taste, adding to the brand’s already wide selection of flavors. The new flavor offering will be available for sale exclusively at www.livevegansmart.com this month. 
“It’s very important to me that I partner with companies that I really believe in. I travel around the world competing, and having such an incredible support system with the VeganSmart team has really helped to drive me even further. For my signature series, I really wanted to focus on a very playful fruit that I loved when I was growing up so we decided to develop Peaches & Cream. And trust me it is delicious!” expressed Blanco.

In just one serving, VeganSmart includes 22 vitamins and minerals that promote healthy cell functions in the body. In addition, this serving contains 9 different vegetables and fruits that naturally produce antioxidants for a healthy diet. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are also included for complete absorption of nutrients and assistance with digestion. Fiber and Omega-3 are incorporated to support a healthy brain and circulatory system.

VeganSmart products are available for purchase online and at multiple retailers across the United States.

About Tia Blanco: Is a professional surfer from the United States (USA), who won the first place Gold medal at the International Surfing Association (ISA) Open Women's World Surfing Championship 2015 in Popoyo, Nicaragua. She successfully defended the title by winning the 2016 edition in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica. ISA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which included the discipline Surfing to the list of Olympic sports for the Summer Games in Tokyo 2020 where Tia Blanco hopes to compete.

About VeganSmart:
VeganSmart delves beyond the usual take on protein shakes, with a variety of fun, delicious flavors providing optimal nutritional benefits in every serving. Established in 2013, business partners Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook sought to implement their mantra of prevention for optimal health and wellness. Their mission was to offer healthy products while educating underprivileged communities on nutritional options that can prevent them from diseases and ailments. Perfectly aligned with their health ideals, they opted to incorporate the multitude of nutritional rewards that stem from veganism by introducing VeganSmart.

Acknowledging that the rewards of a well-balanced, plant based diet is an intricate part of averting ailments and health challenges, Claude and Kareem partnered with John Lewis, a vegan athlete and industry expert on all things wellness. Together, they launched VeganSmart, a protein shake with a specific formula that was implemented with nutrition and flavor in mind. In doing so, they continued to uphold the idea of affecting a positive, healthier change in the diets of consumers, nationwide. Professional surfer and 2015’s first place Gold Medalist of the ISA’s Open Women’s World Surfing Championship, Tia Blanco, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Yoga Guru, Liz Arch and Partner, John Lewis are among a few of the brand ambassadors on Team VeganSmart who support their mission of smart health awareness. 
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