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Making Sense of Two Special Words
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Monday, 26 September 2016 20:07
Jefferson City, Missouri, September 2016—And those words are: Engineered Composites.

As identified, an engineered composite is a combination of polymers and resins, mixed with marble or granite chips and a recyclable such as glass, and created in a mold made special for the job involved, which soon becomes part of someone’s kitchen or bath.

Exceptionally beautiful, almost impervious to damage—and thus destined for a long life, engineered composites bring enormous possibilities to the table (maybe even the table itself!) Plus, it carries with it a statement about the environment and about the home or office owner who is having it made. 
Having countertops, table tops, islands, bowls, tubs, vanities, shower bases, backsplashes, wall surrounds, and even fireplace facings made this way can almost be considered a work of art, because it’s a reflection of one’s personal inspiration, and cannot be bought off the shelf. Available in many different shapes, styles and above all, colors and designs—the home or office owner commissioning the work becomes part of the creative process.

You can’t always get that kind of billing.

That client, by the way, is Bob Krattli, owner of CMP Group, of Jefferson City, Missouri, our state’s capital. He and his able staff are not only great people to work with, they are artisans, as they create something nice to look at, useful, sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Practical, safe, affordable and good for the environment, this is what engineered composites are. For more, we suggest our readers check these two words online. 
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