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Monday, 26 December 2016 16:17
London, England, United Kingdom, December 2016—BioBeats, a leader in digital health and artificial intelligence, has announced it has created a new proprietary algorithm that effectively estimates user stress level from physiological signals. BioBeats Hear and Now platform uses machine learning and AI to provide highly personalized stress monitoring and management tools for individuals as well as corporate wellness programs. 
Biobeats’ new proprietary algorithms, from physiological and psychological measurements, highlight the relationship between heart rate, thoughts and the involuntary nervous system. Unique to the market, Biobeats algorithm estimates stress with enough accuracy to be able to appreciate the effect of breathing exercises for users. By doing personalized breathing exercises, users stress was reduced by 23% within 15 minutes following the breathing sessions, and reduction in stress was still visible at 10% for as long as 90 minutes later.

The platform collects quantified, continuous biometrics such, including heart rate and how it compares in variability, galvanic skin response, activity, and self-reported psychometric (ability to discern information by touching something akin to an event or person) data from users. The data is analyzed in order to evaluate and understand the user’s mental and physiological state. Once Hear and Now determines the mental and physiological state of the user, it can provide highly personalized interventions such as biofeedback, focused breathing, and daily reminders.

David Plans, CEO of BioBeats stated, “With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, wearable applications not only make it possible for individuals to monitor and manage stress themselves, but also provide analyses far beyond the reach of traditional medical devices. Most modern consumer wearables (and quite a few smartphones) include capabilities such as physiological sensors, accelerometers, and GPS that applications can utilize to provide detailed health and stress information; information that provides an additional layer of understanding to biometric data. The ability to monitor activity then cross correlate it to biometrics allows for a clearer understanding of an individual’s health.”

In the modern world individuals experiencing elevated stress levels is on the rise and it’s taking a significant toll on their health, productivity at work, relationships, and many other aspects of their lives. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 20% of Americans are experiencing stress levels that are extreme (8-10 on a 10-point scale).

Personalized stress monitoring and management platforms provide a number of health benefits for users. They provide an accurate assessment of real-time stress levels allowing users to not only become aware of the severity of their stress, but also have the opportunity to change behaviors by following the suggested interventions. Users can learn how to avoid acute stress-related medical events, improve their productivity and efficiency at work, and reduce healthcare costs.

BioBeats, consumer-facing app Hear and Now, celebrated as “Mindfulness meets the Sciences”, allows users to instantly discover their stress triggers, as well as guiding the user through customized breathing exercises. Critically, users are able to learn pertinent health information about themselves through mind and body stress tests. The Hear and Now app is available to download globally and is free from the iTunes App store.

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BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence company specializing in creating easy-to-use corporate and personal wellness solutions. Its world-class team of scientists and designers includes renowned experts in AI, machine learning, wearables, cloud solutions and theoretical computer science. BioBeats solutions, based on years of research, provide insights into individual health and wellbeing by tracking data from wearable and smartphone sensors. Biometric and psychometric feedback is combined with unique machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized stress and productivity management tools based on clinically proven coaching techniques.  
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