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Being Counted On: Fitbit Reveals Most Fit American Cities
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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 16:58
San Francisco, California, May 2017—Fitbit, a leader in connected health and fitness wearables, has, for the first time, identified its list of the Fittest Countries, as well as the Top 30 Fittest Cities in the United States.

Being one of the first on the block to supply wearables for consumers worldwide, the Fitbit platform offers a way to uniquely quantify global trends in health and behavior. Fitbit analysis revealed Ireland to be the Fittest Country in the world, with the United States ranking 28th. In the United States alone, Duluth, Minnesota, Appleton, Wisconsin., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Boulder, Colorado and Bellingham, Washington rank as the top five fittest cities.

“We are more than just hardware. Our software and services offerings help inspire, coach and guide users to reach their goals in more personalized and powerful ways,” said Shelten Yuen, Vice President of Research at Fitbit. “The network effect of our global community of millions of users gives us an incredibly strong competitive advantage because it provides our users with the support and motivation they need to reach their goals whether that means eating healthier, moving more or sleeping better.”

Fitbit analyzed aggregated its data from more than 20 million Fitbit users across the globe to uncover the Fittest Countries ranking. With devices that track and analyze your daily activity, including exercise, heart rate and sleep, Fitbit was able to look at a range of behaviors, examining average daily steps, active minutes, reminders to move, goals met, resting heart rate and duration of sleep to identify the standings.

To see if you made the cut, here are the remaining top 25 of the most fit U.S. cities, starting with number 6. (NOTE: The editors, Fitbit wearers in their own right, are pleased to see our city made it—barely.)

They are: 6. Madison, Wisconsin, 7. Billings, Montana, 8. Rochester, Minnesota, 9. Spokane, Washington, 10. Eugene, Oregon, 11., Green Bay, Wisconsin, 12., Denver, Colorado, 13. Portland, Oregon, 14., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 15. Lincoln, Nebraska, 16. Syracuse, New York, 17. Rochester, New York, 18. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 19. Janesville, Wisconsin, 20. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 21. Boise, Idaho, 22. Albany, New York, 23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 24. Washington, Virginia, 25. Stamford, Connecticut, 26. Reno, Nevada, 27. West Chester, Pennsylvania, 28. Crystal Lake, Illinois, 29. New Hudson, Michigan and, number 30: Columbia, Missouri.
Further details can be found on the Fitbit blog about the Fittest Countries and Fittest Cities analysis.  
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