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Keeping That Jump in Your Step
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Thursday, 27 July 2017 20:24
Groucho Marx once said “Anyone can grow old; all you have to do is live long enough.” But is that all there is?

Critical to living a full and active life is frequent social interaction. Along those lines a study from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has shown that higher levels of social activity decrease the risk of disability, increasing everyday functioning as we age.

The ongoing investigation includes the participation of 954 adults with a median age of 82, all of whom at the start of the survey were disability-free.

Social interaction levels were measured based on a questionnaire that asked how often those taking part went out to dine, attended sporting events, played group games (like bingo;) went on day or overnight trips; volunteered their time to help others; visited family and friends; were active in service clubs, or attended religious services.

To determine a participant’s ability to perform, each was asked if they could feed, bathe, dress, attend to hygienic needs and walk across a small room without help. They were also asked if they could negotiate a flight of stairs, walk a half mile, engage in heavy housework, use the phone, prepare meals and manage their own medications.

It was found that those living an active lifestyle were twice as likely to be physically able. Why this social connection plays such an important role is not entirely clear, but it’s thought that such activities may reinforce the brain’s neural networks and body’s musculoskeletal function, maintaining functional independence.

More research is needed, but so far findings are showing ways that can help make those ‘golden’ years truly priceless.

SOURCE: indiatimes.com 
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